Round 2 Rated 93 Points in Smoke Magazine!

- February 15th, 2013

Panelist #1

AESTHETICS: Dark, matte wrapper. An alluring cigar that looks delicious

CONSTRUCTION: Well-rolled, smoked cool and delivered a long sturdy ash. Bitter chocolate pre-light bouquet. 

FLAVOR AND STRENGTH: Dark chocolate, fresh nutmeg and some salty marine notes. Full bodied blend. Complex and delightful.

GENERAL COMMENTS: Well crafted, complex full-bodied large torpedo. Perfect after heavy meal of roast duck and Pomerol Bordeaux. 92 Excellent

Panelist #2

AESTHETICS: Oily rough torpedo. Dark wrapper with varying pigment. Some veins. 

CONSTRUCTION: Bumpy, uneven. Earthy pre-light aroma. Some soft spots. Love draw. Stays cool. Salt & pepper flaky ash. 

FLAVOR AND STRENGTH: Medium-full body. Leather; cedar and coffee flavors dominate. Very complex flavor profile. 

GENERAL COMMENTS: This stick is as strong as it looks. Ideal for the end of the evening, perhaps with an XO or Patron. 93 Excellent

Panelist #3

AESTHETICS: Rustic Torpedo looks like a Brazilian Arapiraca; oily with black spots. 

CONSTRUCTION: Earthy smell off the wrapper and hints of chocolate from the foot. Perfect draw, even burn. A ton of smoke. 

FLAVOR AND STRENGTH: Started as a medium-bodied smoke with pepper, chocolate, espresso and sweetness on the lips which intensified. 

GENERAL COMMENTS: Outstanding blend and smoke. Reminds me of a Torano Exodus 50 Years. Would recommend this to all. 94 Excellent



Karl’s Humidor Rates the Knockout Round 2

- February 4th, 2013

Karl’s Humidor rates the Knockout Round Two, 24 points out of 30! “This cigar produces a mild amount of earthy, chocolate, and nut flavors throughout the experience and just when the smoker at least expects, it throws one hell of a hay-maker of strength and flavor. Almost like a boxer who sets up his opponent with a couple of left jabs and then follows through with a deadly right punch.” Read the full review here!


KO Cigars Participates in Folsom’s “Fighting for Fitness” Charity Cigar Event

- July 14th, 2012

Knockout Cigars donated to the Charity Youth Boxing Fundraiser and Cigar Event in Folsom. The fundraiser located at the Powerhouse Pub, included 2 Knockout Cigars, Scotch and Rum tasting, music, and a silent auction.

Knockout Round 3 Rated 88 Points in Smoke Magazine

- July 2012

Panelist #1:

AESTHETICS: Course and crispy wrapper. An attractive cigar with some veins.

CONSTRUCTION: Has a good weight to it, loaded with a thick binder and dark filler. Retained a perfect even burn that required no nursing.

FLAVOR & STRENGTH: Mild with a grassy mint flavor. No aftertaste. Hoping for a stronger cigar, but surprised by its finesse.

GENERAL COMMENTS: A superb outdoors cigar for golfing or boating. Good for those who want a big cigar that doesn’t overpower. 89 Very Good

Panelist #2:

AESTHETICS: Big, beefy, and generous. The wrapper is silky, dark, oily, and lightly veined.

CONSTRUCTION: Well constructed and firm with no hint of soft spots. The ash is tight and gray-white and hangs on with considerable gusto.

FLAVOR & STRENGTH: Quite tame for a cigar with such girth! Hints of dark chocolate, nuts, and a medium, spicy white pepper finish.

GENERAL COMMENTS: I would pair this cigar with a fine Port, perhaps a Zin or Cab varietal or a rich, dark roast coffee after a fine meal. 91 Excellent

Panelist #3:

 AESTHETICS: A dark maduro cigar. Rough looking, but the depth of color is enticing.

CONSTRUCTION: A mixed bag. The wrapper was coming undone in parts. It was consistent in its feel, but the wrapper didn’t do its job.

FLAVOR & STRENGTH: This cigar packs a punch. Its taste is reminiscent of a La Gloria Serie R- powerful and complicated.

GENERAL COMMENTS: Has the right tobacco mix, but the factory may need better rollers. Regret that the construction was an issue. 85 Good

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Artist Bret Kranak‘s Knockout Painting in the Boxing Hall of Fame

- June 9th, 2012

Artist Bret Kranak’s Knockout painting was included on presentation plaques to the six (6) 2012 inductees into the Hall, including Michael Katz (Journalist), Michael Buffer (Ring Announcer), Mark “Too Sharp” Johnson, Tommy “Hitman” Hearns, All Bernstein (Broadcaster), and Freddie Roach (Trainer). In addition a full sized reproduction of the painting was hung in the Hall. Selected Knockout retailers also received a signed numbered print of the original painting that was hung in the hall.

More Art by Bret Kranak.

Knockout Cigars featured at Int’l Boxing Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony

- June 9th, 2012

Our own Knockout line was the featured cigars at this year’s International Boxing Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony activities. The Knockouts were presented at a dinner honoring recently deceased Angelo Dundee (Mohammed Ali’s Trainer) and Bert Randolph Sugar (ringside writer and boxing authority who wrote for SMOKE Magazine for years).

Col. Yee Receives a Box of Knockout Cigars in Afghanistan

- June 2012

After a visit to Fremont, CA to visit his son, Col. Yee returned to Afghanistan to continue to serve our country. But, before he left California he visited Ohlone Cigar Shop where he discovered Knockout Cigars. Col. Yee enjoyed them so much, that Ohlone decided to send over boxes of Knockout Cigars to the troops in Afghanistan to enjoy. View the Photo Here!

Knockout Round 3 Review by Palm Desert Tobacco

- May 21st, 2012

Cigar Steve reviews Knockout Round 3 on YouTube: Click Here!

VIP Kentucky Derby Day Presented by Grant’s Tobacconist & Knockout Cigars

- May 5th, 2012

On Cinco de Mayo, Grant’s Tobacconist together with Knockout Cigars participated in the VIP party at Golden Gate Fields for Kentucky Derby Day. We had over 150 purchase tickets, which included an open bar featuring mint juleps, margaritas, Hors d’oeuvres, live DJ playing between races, 2 Knockout cigars, cigar cutter, and a chance to smoke them in a cigar friendly environment! View the Photos Here!

Round 3 Reviewed by Grant’s Tobacconist

- May 2012

After taking the cigar out of the cello, the first thing I notice is the semi smooth oily wrapper on it. Broadleaf doesn’t ever tend to be very smooth looking or feeling; in my opinion, the gnarlier looking, the tastier! I punch and light the cigar, and immediately the cigar is producing a great amount of flavor. I taste sweet chocolatey notes mixing around with slightly peppery tobacco. The finish is smooth and I can… read more. Digging – Knockout Tobacconist Only Cigars

- March 20th, 2012

“…a company by the name of Knockout Tobacconists has a product, Knockout Tobacconists TOC Only Cigars which was originally filed in March of 2010 and recently has diversified the company, which now resides in San Jose, California. Their latest addition is a listing for cigars…” Read more.

Knockout Review by

- October 11th, 2011

Join the Cigar Federation bunch as they review the Knockout cigar on the back patio of the secret smoking bunker. View the Video Here!

Knockout Cigars Featured in Smoke Shop Magazine

- August 2011

JMG International, Inc., San Jose, Calif. Has launched the first blend in its Knockout Tobacconists TOC Only Cigars series. The Nicaraguan-made Lightweight Division Maduro is a smooth and creamy blend of Nicaraguan, Honduran, and Dominican fillers, Nicaraguan binder, and Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper. Five sizes are offered, presented in… read more.

Cigar Empire III in Santa Barbara Reviews Knockout Round 1

- June 2011

“Before it’s lit: the wrapper has a chocolate smell to it, the foot has a mild citrus smell. The tobacco has a little sweet with a peppery taste on the lips. The draw is perfect with thick creamy smoke. The first few puffs I detected mild black pepper and chocolate notes. As I smoked through the first 3rd of the cigar a nuttiness finish merged. The pepper goes away, but I can still taste the chocolate and nut.”

“As I got half way through it mellowed out a lot. The burn is very even with a light grey ash. The last 2 inches of the cigar, the chocolate note came back with some leather. The ash holds about an inch before it falls off. Retro-haling enhances the pepper notes. It burnt slow and consistent to the very last inch of it. It didn’t get bitter tirades at the end at all like other cigars.”

“Overall, it’s an excellent medium-full bodied cigar rich with flavor and complexity.”